Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Organs in Hannover and Herford

Dear Friends
due to a delay of one of our trains, yesterday Jean-Luc and me have had the possibility to spend an hour in Hannover before to reach Herford. The walk in Hannover brought us to visit the Marktkirche in which are preserved and actually played a small but powerful italian orgel of 1780 by Fabrizion Cimino, the imposant Grosse Orgel of 1953/54 and the new 2007/08 Chor Ensemble Orgel. The registers composition of these orgel reamained unfortunately unknown. In Herford, a nice town rich in elegant houses and places, the Münsterkirche, i.e. the Dom, was closed, but the small St. Antonius Kirche and the Joanniskirche have reserved us the vision of other two magnificent organs. Also in the case of these organs the registers composition remained unknown. The images give you an idea of the artistic creations represented by these organs.


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